They broke the code!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


So that Wednesday evening we found ourselves loitering down the institute's broken court. Good thing it wasn't as hot as the previous days had penetrated our skins with pure heat. Owh.

5.30 pm, the committee members split into two and climbed up the hill (and said hi to the uncle at 1 Stop) in order to get the envelopes of codes hidden all around the campus compound.

Gathering at the 'broken city' of the ruined court, a briefing was done, and in a few couplessss of minutessss, the game started!

The four seekers, Ridz Zain, Afifi Daud, Anak Pak Man and Putrialmi hunted their code keepers down for clues of where they could find their envelops. I was walking around and saw + heard fantastic, as well as funny lines of ya seekers persuading the keepers to speak out.

A new game, founded by our dear Ridz. Throwing pieces found on the court of-I-don't-know-what-on-Earth-do-they-call-the-thing? to the air. Ridz did it real gracefully it flew all the way out of my lens radius. Couldn't catch it on camera!

Papa Pipi got it correct, only that Wida got him confused a bit with a few letters, which got him working for extra minutes despite winning it.

Working all together to break the code! There's Putrialmi breaking the code!

From left: what? I need not list the names down!

The game ended around 7.00 pm, that's pretty late huh?

And the result was:

  1. Anak Pak Man
  2. Afifi Daud
  3. Ridz Zain
  4. Putrialmi
Had a joyful time, sorry it tired all the sweat out of you, but you played well! Hope that the coming activities will excite you just as much! Feel free to voice out ideas or comments for improvements, okay? Thanks for the good time!


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