Mysteries are now history.

Thursday, February 4, 2010
Now, it's my turn to report what had happened on the 20th of January. As the admin of that week, Hystrix planned the Code Breaking Game, and she found 4 articles and then she divided it among the two of us. What do you think we had to do with them? We deleted and changed some letters in the articles into some sorts of code and all the players need to do was to break the code.

So, that Wednesday evening, Hys and I went out from hostel earlier in order to set up our game. 4 envelops, 4 different articles, 4 different hiding places. The places : One Stop Shop, Library, Academic Block, and Car Park (or shall I say, Bus Park...). I didn't hide the envelops though, I just put in on a flat surface and marked them (with stone towers).

The code seekers (Afifi, Che' Lah, Ridzuan, and Anwar Hadi)  and the code keepers (Kak Wani, Lara, Pian and TQ) tried their best in order to make sure the game ran smoothly. When the seekers found the envelops, they then tried hard to solve the code and they took quite some time to solve the mystery behind the codes. As expected, Anwar somehow managed to get the real mystery hidden securely behind this game. The clue was, all the articles were somehow connected, related to each other. What were the codes already? Fennec Fox, Iranian Architecture, Yellowstone Park and Earned Run Average. What was the mystery? As the seekers got the code, as for an example, Miss A got 'Fennec Fox' as the code, she needed to find the real article from the other players. The code is the thing she need to post as an entry, the article is the information of the code. I think, the game was pretty easy. Izit?

Who won the game?

  1. Anware
  2. Papa Pipi
  3. Ridz
  4. Che'Lah
So, are you dare to be challenged? Join us!


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