New looks an' new plans ahead!

Saturday, July 31, 2010
Yeah, too bad the fun couldn't start any earlier, huh!


So we've got loads of activities lining up, but here we are, still standing! Since we're quite occupied with work stuffs, the club only had its chance to gather the members recently. Despite of all the chores, we refuse to let it burn away our little time for leisure. So, what are we up to?

School Experience Round-up
Layang-layang @ Queensbay

and...the most looked forward to

RM 30.30 No-Sweat 3 Hours o' Spree Challenge...y'all!

Isn't that too long a name for an activity? Umph, who cares. XD

I perhaps will need at least another two weeks to pay this place a visit so; I'll make use of the time available now to tell ya about the Spree Challenge.

Open to all (the way CB always is,) we welcome just anyone from TESOL Cohort 2 and its dear junior TESL Cohort 3 and Su-Ju TESL Cohort 4. Yup! Not forgetting our dear Su-Se (invented that,muaha) TEYL Cohort 4 to join in the fun!

Rule's simple. Bring your precious RM 30.30 and come down to the bus stop, (yeah, we're going by bus, not cars) and wait for Rapid Penang # 304. Too clear, they know the number, Hystrix. -_-'

Make sure your pocket's not bocor okay, or you'll lose half of your money way down.

Upon arrival at-where else-Queensbay of course, be ready to spend your three hours allocated to hunt down for stationaries that will be listed out by the super-cute committee members led by my hero Jiha. Oh yes, not only that, don't forget that a meal must be included in your list, and it must be a complete meal you'd have for lunch, no cheating ya!

Participants who arrived the starting point (will be discussed later) after three hours will be DISQUALIFIED! Tetttt...!

And participants who overspent will be..... DISQUALIFIED! Tettt...!

And....that's all I guess. For now. Tettt...! Stop pressing the buzzer, you. Yes, that's better, thanks.

Hey wait, how do we choose the winner?

Well, participants will be judged by their skill- whether they manage to make full use of the amount verrrry wisely and not miss lunch. Haha!

So. Isn't that easy? Too early to say, ya big spender! But see you there!

-How do you find the new looks, like it? I like it too! Tettt...!

Warm regards, best of luck for your observation next week (don't forget pictures, paste 'em up your blogs), and happy PC Fair-ing!

Photo Hunt

Monday, April 19, 2010
Hye, at last I managed to post this thing after being pushed by Wida so many times.
Let's take a look on the rule and regulation for our becoming activity. Photo Hunt.

  1. Form 5 groups consist of any number of members you love to. But make sure every group has the same number of group members.
  2. Each group will be given different strip of paper with different colour and a photo.
  3. Where you can find things in the photo? Find it yourself.
  4. After you have found the photo's origin, find another strip of paper based on your group colour.
  5. Then, go to the next station. Where is it? there will be a photo to guide you. Find it.
  6. Reach the last station? Now, joint the strips you have and create a sentence.
  7. Write about it in your own way. Post it in your blog.
  8. Good Luck !
Where are the pictures? To be continued...

CB updated!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Date: 8th of APRIL 2010
Venue: Mami Cafe
Time: 8.45

The CBs attended a short meeting regarding our club activities. For this meeting, we also include a representative from TESL Cohort 3, our dear junior, Syu. The reason why we asked her to be there with us was because Mr. G told us to do an activity that includes the junior together. Other than that, we also wanted the Bloggers from their cohort to join us the CBs, if possible. Not just a joined-activity, but also a joined-club, if possible. The meeting was worth a while even though not all the members were there because we ended our meeting with an agreement on quite a number of activities. The activities:
  • Photo Hunt
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway
  • This Is Howie Do It
  • Paintball
  • Layang-layang
  • Tuju Tin
  • Pulau Jerejak
  • Bowling
  • Futsal
  • Traditional Games
  • Buka puasa beramai-ramai
  • Challenge at QB - No Sweat Challenge
  • Taman Negara Pulau Pinang
Here are the pictures taken during the meeting. For you information, during the meeting, we laughed and we discussed and we laughed, again. But, sometimes we do get serious in discussing stuffs, especially when disagreement arises.

 Anwar, TQ and Hystrix.

 Syu (junior) and Azie.

 Wawa, Neynie and Ridzuan

 Afifi and Syu

 Hystrix, Bagan and Afifi


 List of activities (TQ jotted them down)

 Sue and Azie

Just look at our smiling faces, and what do you think of  when we're teamed up, under a same roof? Nice, isn't it? We, the Chalkie Bloggies are looking forward for the first activity, Photo Hunt, which will be conducted by Bagan, Afifi and Sue (and also with the help and participation from TESL COHORT 3, our dear juniors). With that, adieu! 

Attention to All Chalkie Bloggies!

Sunday, February 7, 2010
Helo, pals! 

These are the two admins that need to conduct activities right after Chinese New Year hols.

The members of the first admin are
  1. Afifi
  2. Che' Lah
  3. Bagan
For this first admin, you have to conduct an activity on the very first week after CNY hols. Meaning, the last week of February. As for the date or dates, up to you (depend on what activity you'll conduct).

The members for the second admin are as below 
  1. Yana
  2. Sue
  3. Neynie 
Meanwhile, your group will conduct your activities on the following two weeks after the first admin. Meaning, you will carry out your activities on the second week of March.

Got it?

If you don't, just simply ask me or Fatin Nur Atiqah for further explanations. Anything (make sure the questions are CB-related ONLY, kay!).


With that, ROGER and OUT!

Mysteries are now history.

Thursday, February 4, 2010
Now, it's my turn to report what had happened on the 20th of January. As the admin of that week, Hystrix planned the Code Breaking Game, and she found 4 articles and then she divided it among the two of us. What do you think we had to do with them? We deleted and changed some letters in the articles into some sorts of code and all the players need to do was to break the code.

So, that Wednesday evening, Hys and I went out from hostel earlier in order to set up our game. 4 envelops, 4 different articles, 4 different hiding places. The places : One Stop Shop, Library, Academic Block, and Car Park (or shall I say, Bus Park...). I didn't hide the envelops though, I just put in on a flat surface and marked them (with stone towers).

The code seekers (Afifi, Che' Lah, Ridzuan, and Anwar Hadi)  and the code keepers (Kak Wani, Lara, Pian and TQ) tried their best in order to make sure the game ran smoothly. When the seekers found the envelops, they then tried hard to solve the code and they took quite some time to solve the mystery behind the codes. As expected, Anwar somehow managed to get the real mystery hidden securely behind this game. The clue was, all the articles were somehow connected, related to each other. What were the codes already? Fennec Fox, Iranian Architecture, Yellowstone Park and Earned Run Average. What was the mystery? As the seekers got the code, as for an example, Miss A got 'Fennec Fox' as the code, she needed to find the real article from the other players. The code is the thing she need to post as an entry, the article is the information of the code. I think, the game was pretty easy. Izit?

Who won the game?

  1. Anware
  2. Papa Pipi
  3. Ridz
  4. Che'Lah
So, are you dare to be challenged? Join us!

They broke the code!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


So that Wednesday evening we found ourselves loitering down the institute's broken court. Good thing it wasn't as hot as the previous days had penetrated our skins with pure heat. Owh.

5.30 pm, the committee members split into two and climbed up the hill (and said hi to the uncle at 1 Stop) in order to get the envelopes of codes hidden all around the campus compound.

Gathering at the 'broken city' of the ruined court, a briefing was done, and in a few couplessss of minutessss, the game started!

The four seekers, Ridz Zain, Afifi Daud, Anak Pak Man and Putrialmi hunted their code keepers down for clues of where they could find their envelops. I was walking around and saw + heard fantastic, as well as funny lines of ya seekers persuading the keepers to speak out.

A new game, founded by our dear Ridz. Throwing pieces found on the court of-I-don't-know-what-on-Earth-do-they-call-the-thing? to the air. Ridz did it real gracefully it flew all the way out of my lens radius. Couldn't catch it on camera!

Papa Pipi got it correct, only that Wida got him confused a bit with a few letters, which got him working for extra minutes despite winning it.

Working all together to break the code! There's Putrialmi breaking the code!

From left: what? I need not list the names down!

The game ended around 7.00 pm, that's pretty late huh?

And the result was:

  1. Anak Pak Man
  2. Afifi Daud
  3. Ridz Zain
  4. Putrialmi
Had a joyful time, sorry it tired all the sweat out of you, but you played well! Hope that the coming activities will excite you just as much! Feel free to voice out ideas or comments for improvements, okay? Thanks for the good time!
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