Attention to All Chalkie Bloggies!

Sunday, February 7, 2010
Helo, pals! 

These are the two admins that need to conduct activities right after Chinese New Year hols.

The members of the first admin are
  1. Afifi
  2. Che' Lah
  3. Bagan
For this first admin, you have to conduct an activity on the very first week after CNY hols. Meaning, the last week of February. As for the date or dates, up to you (depend on what activity you'll conduct).

The members for the second admin are as below 
  1. Yana
  2. Sue
  3. Neynie 
Meanwhile, your group will conduct your activities on the following two weeks after the first admin. Meaning, you will carry out your activities on the second week of March.

Got it?

If you don't, just simply ask me or Fatin Nur Atiqah for further explanations. Anything (make sure the questions are CB-related ONLY, kay!).


With that, ROGER and OUT!

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