Photo Hunt

Monday, April 19, 2010
Hye, at last I managed to post this thing after being pushed by Wida so many times.
Let's take a look on the rule and regulation for our becoming activity. Photo Hunt.

  1. Form 5 groups consist of any number of members you love to. But make sure every group has the same number of group members.
  2. Each group will be given different strip of paper with different colour and a photo.
  3. Where you can find things in the photo? Find it yourself.
  4. After you have found the photo's origin, find another strip of paper based on your group colour.
  5. Then, go to the next station. Where is it? there will be a photo to guide you. Find it.
  6. Reach the last station? Now, joint the strips you have and create a sentence.
  7. Write about it in your own way. Post it in your blog.
  8. Good Luck !
Where are the pictures? To be continued...


  1. phyto hystrix said...:

    Ololo...cian papa pipi! Tengkiu papa! ;)

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