New looks an' new plans ahead!

Saturday, July 31, 2010
Yeah, too bad the fun couldn't start any earlier, huh!


So we've got loads of activities lining up, but here we are, still standing! Since we're quite occupied with work stuffs, the club only had its chance to gather the members recently. Despite of all the chores, we refuse to let it burn away our little time for leisure. So, what are we up to?

School Experience Round-up
Layang-layang @ Queensbay

and...the most looked forward to

RM 30.30 No-Sweat 3 Hours o' Spree Challenge...y'all!

Isn't that too long a name for an activity? Umph, who cares. XD

I perhaps will need at least another two weeks to pay this place a visit so; I'll make use of the time available now to tell ya about the Spree Challenge.

Open to all (the way CB always is,) we welcome just anyone from TESOL Cohort 2 and its dear junior TESL Cohort 3 and Su-Ju TESL Cohort 4. Yup! Not forgetting our dear Su-Se (invented that,muaha) TEYL Cohort 4 to join in the fun!

Rule's simple. Bring your precious RM 30.30 and come down to the bus stop, (yeah, we're going by bus, not cars) and wait for Rapid Penang # 304. Too clear, they know the number, Hystrix. -_-'

Make sure your pocket's not bocor okay, or you'll lose half of your money way down.

Upon arrival at-where else-Queensbay of course, be ready to spend your three hours allocated to hunt down for stationaries that will be listed out by the super-cute committee members led by my hero Jiha. Oh yes, not only that, don't forget that a meal must be included in your list, and it must be a complete meal you'd have for lunch, no cheating ya!

Participants who arrived the starting point (will be discussed later) after three hours will be DISQUALIFIED! Tetttt...!

And participants who overspent will be..... DISQUALIFIED! Tettt...!

And....that's all I guess. For now. Tettt...! Stop pressing the buzzer, you. Yes, that's better, thanks.

Hey wait, how do we choose the winner?

Well, participants will be judged by their skill- whether they manage to make full use of the amount verrrry wisely and not miss lunch. Haha!

So. Isn't that easy? Too early to say, ya big spender! But see you there!

-How do you find the new looks, like it? I like it too! Tettt...!

Warm regards, best of luck for your observation next week (don't forget pictures, paste 'em up your blogs), and happy PC Fair-ing!


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